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“Feels Like Home” Tin Traveler Candle - $14

Why it's different

This candle spans lifetimes. It hearkens back millennia to the early Roman papyrus rolls dipped in beeswax, recalls the tallow candles that took us across the seas, and evokes the modern hygge Danish tea candles that illuminate our homes and lives with a cozy sense of wellness and contentment. This Alfred candle is made with the Brooklyn Candle Studio in NYC. Authentically handcrafted, it looks back to old ways in celebration of craft and the virtues of small-batching, and lights the way to a sustainable future, with 100% petroleum-free soy wax, lead-free cotton wicks, and chemical-free botanicals and essential oils. Use it to brighten any room with its warm glow and infuse your home with calm and well-being; or take it with you when you travel to make any place you go feel like home.

Size - Content - Ingredients

Small Candle 4 oz.  30 hours of unscented joy

Ingredients: Eco-friendly, petroleum-free soy wax from American farmers, essential oils, lead-free cotton primed with vegetable-based wax. 100% vegan.


Handcrafted in Brooklyn by Brooklyn Candle Studio and Alfred