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"I'm Special" Shoe Travel Bag & Care Kit - $40 & $27

Why it's different

Even your everyday shoes need a special bag. This breathable flannel bag helps you store and travel with your favorite pairs. Place them in your shoe box for easy keeping at home.

Taking the time to clean, brush, spray, and shine your suedes and leathers is a profound act of self-care. With our all-natural Salve and Shea Conditioner, the Shoe Kit has everything you need, for each season, to keep your favorite pairs looking brand new year-round. A good pair of shoes can last years if you look after them. So put your best foot forward.

Size - Content - Ingredients

1 Shoe Care Kit

6” x 8” Pouch including 100% All-Natural Leather Salve made with Carnauba and Shea Conditioner, Waterproofing Spray for Suede and Fabric, 100% Cotton Shoe Cloth, Natural Bristle Suede Brush

13” x 15” breathable 100% cotton flannel drawstring bag

Sourcing & Pricing

Manufactured in the USA

Shoe Travel Bag & Care Kit - $40

Shoe Care Kit - $27